About the dream

JoinBSV is a place where all kinds of bitcoin businesses set their opinions aside and work solely on making every piece of bitcoin as interactive with each other as possible.

There are hundreds and likely thousands of bitcoin businesses out there that are looking for a place to exist among communities and grow into something bigger than their sole existence. We need more eyes and ears on bitcoin and what better idea than a hub of information that each business can be expressing their best side and at the same time allow competition to grow the bitcoin economy we all want everyone to take part in.

Bitcoin has given a lot of people hope to believe again, that it’s possible to build something that can merge and make the internet better. This platform is an attempt to merge the existing internet with bitcoin and build bridges into more people around the world.

We are all people who are looking for connections with others and bitcoin is an unfathomable technology, even for the smartest of us as its discovery never ends. It can only be better, if we are continuously better.

I hope many of you will support and make this platform a leading beacon of light and truth of what bitcoin can do, what it truly can be and will be with good people using it.

Thank you for your time, support and may God bless you on your journey in this life.

Vegard Wikeby
CEO JoinBSV.com (part of WiKOM)